The Flame of Intolerable Wisdom and Virtue

Purple is purple
Gold is gold
But how would you know
If you hadn't been told?

A low flame?
A greek play?
Something floating on the wind
And trying to get away?

A dream?
A life-line?
Maybe a stray piece
Of detacthed moonshine?

Who's to say
The purple can't be gold
When what you see
Is just as beautiful to behold?


Apartments, anyone?

Okay, so. I've been looking at appartments in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and I'm suddenly just really excited. There are some really kick ass places to live up there. And guess what? Some of these place....HAVE PARKS! Who knew?

I've recently realized that, partly because I don't want to re-take my SATs (and didn't sign up to do so anyway) and partly because I wanted to go there in the first place, me enrolling to Metropolitan State University would be much more beneficial.

I've also come to love the idea of Studio Apartments. They sound awesome.

But I found this really cool looking place, nearby the campus I would go to primarily for my Creative Writing degree, called the Carlton Artist Lofts. But you have to get an interview to ay whether you're a real "artist" or not to live there. how bogus. I could, potentially, stay there one day, but that's a ways off, I think. Plus, you have to NOT be a student.

But there are also Melrose Student Suites which are cheap, and one of teh many, innexpensive Steven Scott Appartments. Like Creek Point, Park Pointe, River Crossing and Chateau Carmel.

Therefore, my 18th birthday swiftly approaching, I will, eventually, need a credit card (ew). That half frightens me, because I SUCK with money. Always think I have more than i do. How lameness.

Now I just need a roomie. (I don't want to live alone.)

Anyone interested?


  • Must be able to listen to Kill Hannah, AFI, Monty Are I, and whoever I feel like listening to at the moment, but mostly those three.
  • Must be able to help with rent
  • Must be able to have fun
  • Must be able to be calm and study, or let me do so
  • Must help pay for food
  • Must be able to live without meat in the refrigerator
  • Must be a good conversationalist
  • Must be able to deal with any creativity that suddenly sparks me with the rooms (A.K.A. My need to experimentally paint, which i am not allowed to do at home.)
  • Must be able to pay for HEATING as there are no fireplaces, which are bad for the environment anyway.

Any Questions, Comments or Concerns.

Le Stage Manager

Being Stage Manager kinda hardcore sucks. You have to yell at people consistently, be entirely unstressable (which we ALL know I'm not), and you need to NOT kill the actors (or techies on special occasions) even when they ARE riddiculously stupid.

For example: I was super PISSED about Mrs. Jacobs-Miller or whatever her stupid name is telling me to announce the half-time football score. My father said that it's not about Sports supporting arts and etc. but about arts supporting the SCHOOL. Well, since WHEN did the SCHOOL support the ARTS?!?!?!?! Who gets the funding? Not the arts. Who gets the recognition? NOT the ARTS.

Seriously. When the school finally supports the Fine Arts Dept. we'll support them right back.

Until then, when stupid actors, not naming any names, decide to put in their 2 cents and say that they don't understand why we're soooo upset about the whole situation because, after all, sports are so much more important than theatre, I'm going to have to refrain from murder. After all, we need him to clean up after us.



I didn't have a ride to work anymore, so i quit. No more free movies (and just as Happy Feet was coming out, too).

Oh well. No more cash flow.

But lots more free time. Wanna hang out?


Worst Night Ever

So tonight: My car was totalled
My phone broke
and taco Bell replaced the meet in my crunchwrap with rice, but not in the fucking taco, so I feel like I'm about to die because I ate about half before I realized (and i was starving, so I wasn't tasting any of my food at all)

Plus:I'm on my period
I have to retake the SATs
I'm getting a C in English
and Everyone in Tartuffe is going to hate me because I have to be mean so that people will pay any attention to what I'm saying at all (so basically, I'm a tyrant)

Please don't call. I will hear it ring, but I can't answer. The buttons don't work.

the only good thing I can say about tonught is that Brynna and Veronica are just fine. nothing is wrong with them, or the other man driving his car.


College? SATs? Who hates us and Why?

So, I've gotten my SAT scores back. They were...less than satisfactory. And hell no do I want to take them again. No way. And why should I? That test freaks me out.

Reading: 600 (79%)
Math: 520 (50%)
Writing: 610 (83%)

The two colleges that I want to go to:
University of Minnesota
University of Pittsburgh

The scores they typically accept:
Reading: 540-660
Math: 570-690

Reading: 560-660
Math: 570-670


Together, they just don't work.

So... Should I take them again?


Upon arrival to Mrs. Kubu's classroom last Friday, I recieved an awkward look. Yes. As I walked through the door, my AP English teacher looked at me funny. She had been for last week or so, if truth be told. But today, she would hand back our essays.

Okay, so essays aren't really my forte, but I know when I've written a shitty essay. And every essay I've writtten for her class has been shit. Oh well, that's how it goes. Such is life.

Well, she called me into the hallway for a one-on-one about my essays. I had gotten a B on Test essay about the things they carried. (and no, i don't feel like capitalizing the book title.) Decent. I had gotten a C on my college essay. No surprise. I hated that stupid essay. Hated it. But, everyone else seemed to like it, so I just went with it. I turned it in, not thinking it was any good, but thinking I could get a good grade on it anyway.

When I was outside with Mrs. K, the first thing she said was "What's going on in your life?"

In my mind I was like, "Um... I didn't realize we we're going to start with casual conversation." So I didn't say anything for a second. Following that second, Mrs. Kubu said something along the lines of "Because you seem less focussed and blah blah blah." I don't remember the whole conversation. The first thing that came to mind was "Tartuffe"

Well, long story short, Mrs. Kubu thinks I should drop one of my extracurriculars. I.E. Work, yearbook, or theatre.

Ain't no way in hell I'm dropping either. I NEED the money, I NEED the yearbook and I NEED Theatre to survive.

Although, I suppose after i get Nathan here, I can just mooch from my parents....


Princess of the Fanora

Yes, me. I am a Princess. The princess of the Fanora - or water faeries. Don't let my astro sign fool you (Fire, pah!). I'm the princess of Water faeries because, believe it or not, Water faeries have red hair in the Human realm and Fire faeries have Black hair. Why shouldn't it be that way? (Earth faeries have Blonde hair and Air faeries have Brown hair. It just is that way, all right.)

Well, tomorrow I intend to dress the part. In my purple, pink and green-ness (And yes, those are Fanora power colors. They're royalty, for goodness sakes.)

Sadly, however, my wings won't be fully expanded to their natural hugeness, but then they only are when I really fly.


The Muse Returning

Through careful thought and deliberation, I have realised one thing. I seriously do want to be a writer. Despite the fact that I hardly write much these days, it is still one of the few activities that drives me to passion. Well, the only one that I can make a job off of, except theatre but that is really difficult to break into anyway.

So, eventually, I will be a writing machine. I will be poor in a house with leaky ceilings and bad plumbing, writing in between my 3 other jobs, all minimum wage or waitressing type gigs. My jackets will be thin and the room will be cold, but it won't matter because I will be the best damn writer ever known to man.

And yes. I HAVE had doubts. I'm not nearly so good a writer that I think I can get published just yet. But then, someone did publish Eragon... (It's a good book, but it isn't exactly well written. He probably got published because he was a prodigy.)

All I really need is a good editor. Someone who will read my works and totally tell me what sucks about them. Like Erik.


The Ero, Eris, Erit and Fanora

Yes, the first three names are latin. Latin for "to be" in the...future tense? Yes, I believe so. I wouldn't know, however, because I never study for Latin almost as a rule.

And Damn Erik Aughenbaugh. Why must he make me do these things?